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Seacrest Beach Florida brings quiet tranquility to 30A with its heavily residential areas. Known for its extremely high sand dunes, some of the highest in the state, Seacrest Beach is one of the least built up areas along Scenic Florida 30A.

If you are looking to really get away from it all then Seacrest is a great Florida Vacation area on 30A. Until very recently there was little to no commercially developed areas.

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Seagrove Beach Florida is known for its beautifully well established Oak trees heavy along its white sand beaches. Long separated from much of the development in the area this area was dotted with simple cottages and a small hotel until Scenic 30A was paved, bringing in more tourist as access became easy and convenient.

There was substantial development of the area as recently as the mid 2000′s as condos, shops, dining options and more have spread across the region.

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